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Atomic Energy: The Good and the Bad

Event Type: Movie Nights
Age Group(s): Adult, Teen, Family
Date: 8/5/2017
Start Time: 11:30 AM
End Time: 2:00 PM
72 years ago, the United Stated dropped the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan, then another one on Nagasaki, Japan in an effort to end WWII. Luckily, for now, these are the only documented uses of nuclear power in a military situation. Unfortunately, that technology, which was so secret and controlled as part of the Manhattan Project, is now readily available to anyone with Internet access. Local scientists and technologists in the Cape May area feel it is important to make people aware of the extreme power of nuclear energy when used aggressively as in WWII, as well as how it is safe when used in power plants and how radioactivity is part of our every day.

The movie, The Beginning or The End? (1947), shows actual footage of the atomic test blasts from the Trinity site, plus the infamous "mushroom cloud" seen over Hiroshima. A rare piece of "Trinitite" glass taken from that site will be shown during the demonstration after the movie.

After the movie, two local scientists will be giving a brief demonstration of radioactivity, including the common, everyday items that we are exposed to without any ill or harmful effects. Participants will receive a free small science kit (worth $25) that contains some cool and hard-to-find items! Samples of the actual, natural Uranium Ore will be shown and a Geiger counter will be used to show the types of radiation that we're exposed to every day from all directions under normal situations.

Dr. Jerry DeMenna runs an analytical testing lab in the Bronx, NY where he tests all types of samples, including radioactive waste material.
Library: Wildwood Crest Library
Location: Wildwood Crest Library Program Room 2nd Floor
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 Cape May Film Festival
The program is appropriate for ages 10 through adult.
Presenter: Jerry Demenna
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